Have you ever been in a relationship when things haven’t been going right and wished you could talk to someone about what was going on? You may have wanted to get another perspective on what’s happening and reached out to the listening ear of a friend for comfort and support.


The only problem with that is those cosy chats with a girlfriend or boyfriend can easily turn into a bashing session, rather than remain a constructive dialogue that encourages exploration of a new way to approach what’s going on with your significant other.


When it comes to relationships, we can be conditioned to struggle through our challenges alone. To seek support from a professional who can help us forge a clear way ahead through the rough patch may be the last thing we consider. I wonder just how many partnerships might be saved if support was enlisted from a professional relationship therapist. This is a vital role through which space for peaceful, meaningful communication, where both parties feel heard and can express without judgment is created.


Recently, I had a lovely chat with relationship counselor, Marion Hanson, who joined me on The Coaching Lounge Podcast. As well as discussing some situations that cause problems in relationships, we delved into:


  • What communicating with an agenda really means.
  • Approaches to take that can cultivate a relationship.
  • Whether a relationship can ever survive an affair.
  • What single men and women should do if they are seeking a partner.



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