"I need them to be present with me in the storm, not just tell me what to do."


We live in a time in which some topics that were once considered uncomfortable or taboo are now embraced and explored with empathy and understanding.


Prince Harry’s revelation of the mental health challenge he faced at the time of his mother’s death reminds us that we are all treading on that fine line. All it takes is just one situation to create an array of emotions that can spiral into different levels of feelings such as low mood, anxiety or deep depression. No-one is immune from slipping across the line.


In today’s edition of The Coaching Lounge, I spoke to a Mental Health Practitioner, Psychotherapist and Counsellor who is ‘present in the storm’ and provides a stable and enabling influence for those going through life's turmoils. In his mission to ‘co-create and collaborate to address change, Michael Opoku-Forfieh also works alongside other skilled mental health practitioners to support people with mental health issues lead fulfilling lives.


As Michael shared his thoughts on issues relating to mental health, I couldn't help but feel his passion, dedication and commitment to his work. When you tune in, you will feel it too. Also, watch this short video clip that superbly gives a flavour of Michael's energy.

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Dr Cary Cooper (Organisational well-being)


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