Think about this quote from Edwin Markham:“Choices are the hinges of destiny.” If at this time last year, today was once your destiny, what crucial choices did you make that have led you to here?


What different choices would you have made, or different decisions would you have taken, that could have given an improved outcome?


If where you are now is a direct reflection of the quality of your decision-making skills, where 1 is not quite and 10 is absolutely, how satisfied are you with your ability to make those crucial decisions that lead to your life moving in the best possible direction?

Many factors influence the decision-making process, sometimes making it hard to determine the exact right thing to do. When deciding what action to take, do you focus on what others think or do you move forward with conviction through listening to your inner guide?


No-one is perfect and if I knew then what I know now, there are some things I myself would have done differently if given a second chance. But life is not like that. There is a rarely a second chance to relive a moment and all we can do is reflect upon 'if only's'.


At times, there is no allowance of time to ruminate and ponder. We may be forced to make a decision on something that impacts on an entire life - yours or someone else's - and trust that we have concluded the right thing.


Moving into intentional thinking is to apply 'conscious thought' when deciding what to do. Download a FREE Self-coaching Tool on 'How to Make Better Decisions About Your Life' HERE.


Liji Reid who is my guest in this edition of The Coaching Lounge Podcast sends a strong message to "be serious about your life". It's very rare that we get second chances, therefore, in this energy space of making an effective decision, Liji's message is one of encouragement to make yourself a priority and be the CEO of your life.


When I interviewed Liji, I got a clear sense of his awareness that his success in life is fashioned through the dots - each dot being the 'conscious thinking' he has made that has led to effective decisions, not only in business but in friendship, education and other aspects of his life too. Tune in to get an insight into the type of thinking that entrepeneur does, that paves the way for success.


Connect with Liji here: Connect with Liji here:


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